Sri K.

​James has taught our kids piano since 2018. He is a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher able to adapt instructions based on the needs of his students. His passion for music was infectious and made lessons enjoyable for the kids. I highly recommend James as a music teacher to anyone looking to learn and grow in their musical abilities.

Dawn S.

I want to thank you for your gracious manner and all the gifts of encouragement you’ve provided to my daughter throughout the years, both during  lessons as well as in the recital opportunities. She has overcome some of her biggest anxieties, and I hope that those lessons in courage will be converted for her into self compassion.

Donna P. 
Professor Heuser is an exceptional teacher in that he teaches into my learning style and is professional in every aspect. He is patient, kind and always seems to know exactly what I need for that week. I would recommend him for any level or age of student.

Meli C. 
Mr. Heuser is very professional and committed to his students’ progress, interests, their needs and strengths during their piano lessons. The growth I’ve seen in my child’s piano skills is been great at many levels. I’m very happy to have him teach my child for the past two years.

He is able to reach my child in a way that I inspires her to keep going though she has had challenging times with piano.  Not every teacher can do that. 

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​James Heuser

Here you can find what students are saying about me as their teacher. Some of these are reviews you can find on Google. Others are from private communications to me. I'm new to online reviews. Teachers for so long​ have depended upon word of mouth referrals.  That is more challenging in our ever increasing digital world. So, we teachers need to keep up as life changes, innovate, find the new flow of person to person communications.

Rawan K.

Mr. Heuser, I am so grateful to you for helping my children find the joy of playing music at the piano again! 

Jeff S.
James has been teaching my daughter piano for a few years and he is fantastic. He clearly loves his work and inspires my daughter to learn -- and to practice! Another great thing about James is that he is always easy to communicate with and very responsive over text and email. My daughter started with James before COVID hit, and while we miss the in-person lessons, James has made the switch to video lessons easy, no small feat. Highly recommended.

Andrew C.
I have been working with James for several years and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am an unusual student being more or less a beginner at age 79. He is a great teacher and coach who makes learning interesting and continues to keep me engaged. While not progressing as quickly as someone younger with a more flexible brain he is successfully teaching me both piano proficiency and music theory. The COVID mess has made teaching much more difficult, but James has put together a Zoom based instruction process that works very well. I highly recommend James to someone wishing to learn to play the piano.​

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