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Mr. Heuser's comments upon receiving the Steinway & Sons Top Teacher Awards:

   "I am  grateful beyond words to Steinway & Sons for this award. Steinway & Sons has such a great and long lasting reputation for excellence that I am very honored by their gesture.

   It is wonderful that Steinway & Sons offers recognition for music teachers.  As I continue to help my students with their musical studies, I have a new found gratitude towards Steinway & Sons for recognition of hard work and commitment to the success of my students, which so often goes unnoticed.  Though my return to teaching here in Austin began in 2015, I hope to continue to inspire my students as I am able and as they allow me to influence them.  

     The fruit of my work will probably ripen years later, as students stay with music as a love of their hearts, and some who pursue it as a career for themselves will hopefully inspire newer generations with the love of the art of music and the pursuit of it at the piano.  But first and foremost as a teacher it is my goal to not only inspire greater artistry at the piano among my students, but help every one of them stay the course the rest of their lives as a way of expressing the multi-faceted uniqueness of their own individuality, through playing music at the piano.

     As I guide my students I hope to influence the whole person, using a piano as a way of expressing some of the best and most meaningful parts of themselves.  And when they play on a Steinway & Sons piano I feel they have found one of the best instruments in the world to express that."

 James Heuser     

​Steinway & Sons 2017 Top Music Teacher Award presented to James Heuser

Steinway & Sons

Top Music Teacher Awards 

James ​Heuser

Steinway & Sons 2018 Top Music Teacher Award presented to James Heuser

​James Heuser is the recipient of Steinway & Sons 2017 Top Music Teacher Award.  It was presented to Mr. Heuser at the Steinway Piano Gallery of Austin, Texas on July 27, 2018.​​ 

Mr. Heuser is also the recipient of Steinway & Sons 2018 Top Music Teacher Award.   This second award was presented to him at the Steinway Piano Gallery of Austin, Texas during one of his student recitals on November 23, 2019

This is an annual award given to teachers for outstanding instruction and leadership in music education at the piano, and who demonstrate an unceasing commitment to their students helping them to fulfill their highest potential as musicians and pianists.