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Recipient of "2017 Top Music Teacher" and "2018 Top Music Teacher"

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Selected as one of the Top Piano Teachers in Austin 2018

Austin Piano Lessons in Steiner Ranch, Mueller, or Online

Whether a child or young at heart, all benefit from playing piano.  You discover, "I can" ! Enjoy making music at the piano.

Private music lessons tailored to student's interests and goals, fully discover and retain the joy of music and artistic expression. 

Children age 5 to 95

Solid Foundation

You Asked for It: One of the best Austin piano teachers who now travels to the student for piano lessons. Save time and energy, avoid traffic and enjoy life more.  Why go to the teacher when the teacher will come to you.  I am adept at working with anyone--youngster through adult--at any skill level--beginner through advanced.  Contact me now for the piano lessons you have always wanted: (512) 969-8529

"I combine discipline and structure with freedom and exploration to help the student find that music does indeed live inside them and that they can tap into it and bring it forth"..."my primary goal is to help the student discover and maintain the joy of playing music at the piano for a lifetime."

​- ​James Heuser

Contact me now to arrange your no-obligation initial audition and interview. No experience required. 

Austin Homeschool piano students welcome.

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           Text or Phone: (512) 969-8529                   

James Heuser

​In Home Piano Lessons 

​Austin, Texas

Private music lessons given in the convenience of your own home, AND ONLINE LESSONS WITH SKYPE OR ZOOM.

Whether you aspire to be a professional musician or just play your favorite music, this university educated classical pianist provides World-Class piano instruction.

Piano lessons given in the comfort of your home. Save time, energy, no traffic, no hassle, relax and enjoy life!

Joy of Music


It's all about the Music!  Discover your inner musician...​​

Piano Lessons in your home in and near Steiner Ranch and Austin Mueller District.​​ Piano Lessons online to students anywhere in the world with Skype or Zoom.