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     Live, remote piano lessons compared to in-person lessons, are as enjoyable and effective for learning for the overwhelming majority of students. 

     You stay at home, no traffic, no using your precious time traveling to a teacher. Avoid pandemic viruses. Forget about masks and social distancing. Doesn't matter if anyone has Covid, the flu or whatever's because your piano lesson is through the internet, live one on one, with a teacher that is great for you! 

     * An iPad, tablet or laptop
     * Zoom app
     * Broadband internet service​​ (the type for streaming movies)

Joy of Music

Private music lessons tailored to student's interests and goals, fully discover and retain the joy of music and personal artistic expression. 

Recognized twice by Steinway & Sons:​
**2017 Top Music Teacher**​​
**2018 Top Music Teacher"**

Ages 7 to 107

Whether a child or young at heart, all benefit from playing piano.  You discover, "I can" ! Enjoy making music at the piano.

     ​Hello, my name is James Heuser. I am a successful piano teacher. Until March of 2020 I had been traveling to all my students homes for their lessons in Steiner Ranch and surrounding areas in Austin, Texas USA. Then Covid-19 came along. My students varied in age and abilities from ages 8 to 79.
     Like so many of my colleagues, I needed to switch all my students immediately to remote online lessons during Covid-19 concerns, so they could continue to learn to play music at the piano. This meant using video conference technology to communicate with the student live, in real time with them at their piano and me at mine, instead of being with them physically in the same room. 
     The results of that change from in-person to live remote lessons proved they are ENJOYABLE, EFFECTIVE, CONVENIENT AND THE TECHNOLOGY YOU NEED IS SIMPLE.

Mature, Passionate Teacher

​​My abilities as a piano teacher gives you one of the best opportunities for personal success, however you define that. I am here for you. 

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Online 1-on-1 lessons feature individualized curriculum for kids, teens and adults.  Find your personal connection with playing music at the piano! 

     James Heuser    

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(Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)

It's all about the Music!  Discover your inner musician...​​

Piano Lessons in your home, live and online with Zoom, wherever you live in the world, to help you discover and maintain the joy of playing music at the piano.

"I combine discipline and structure with freedom and exploration to help the student find that music does indeed live inside them and that they can tap into it and bring it forth"..."my primary goal is to help the student discover and maintain the joy of playing music at the piano for a lifetime."

​- ​James Heuser

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Online, remote, live piano lessons are enjoyable, effective, and convenient. 

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