*Leonidas Lipovetsky 

 (1977-1980) (Professor Emeritus: Florida State University)
-Rosina Lhevinne (Julliard School)
-Josef Lhevinne
-Vasilly Safonov
Louis Brassin

                                -Ignaz Mocheles

                                       -Antonio Salieri

                         >Theodore Leschetizky
Carl Czerny    

                                             -Ludwig van Beethoven

*Robert Brownlee 

(1981-84; 1985-88) (Professor Emeritus: University of Houston)
-John Elvin ​(Oberlin Conservatory)
Harold Bauer
-Ignacy Jan Paderewski

                                   -Theodore Leschetizky
-Carl Czerny
-Ludwig van Beethoven

Nadia Boulanger
-Louie Vierne

                                 -César Franck
                          -Alexandre Guilmant
                          -Gabriel Fauré
                                  -Camille Saint-Saëns

Isidor Philip

                               -Georges Mathias
-Frédéric Chopin
-Théodore Ritter
-Franz Liszt
-Camille Saint-Saens
-Stephen Heller
-Carl Czerny
-Ludwig van Beethoven

​Piano Teacher Lineage

​of James Heuser

 ​James Heuser Piano Teacher Lineage​

I am so grateful for my piano teachers.  If you can play the piano, or any other instrument please be sure and THANK your teacher!  It is wonderful what can be passed down generation to generation concerning the Art of Making Music at the Piano. Gratitude also goes to my very first piano teacher, Mary Elizabeth Land, of Jacksonville, Florida. This lineage of musician teachers fills me with a great sense of responsibility to provide the best music lessons at the piano I can.  I teach piano, theory and composition to interested students. 

​Louis Brassin

Cesar Franck

 James Heuser    
Email: James@FourPointsPianoTeacher.com  

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​Alexandre Guilmant

​Louis Vierne

​Harold Bauer

​Camille Saint-Saens

Josef and ​Rosina Lhévinne

Carl Czerny

​Ignaz Mocheles

​Theodor Leschetizsky

​Franz Liszt

​Georges Mathias

​Antonio Salieri

Ignacy Jan Paderewski

Théodore Ritter

​Isidor Philipp

​Lenoidas Lipovetsky

Where would we be today without our Teachers?  What would have happened to the musical world today if all the Bach's, Beethoven's, Chopin's, Liszt's, Mozart's, etc., decided not to teach but just do their own thing with their music? The teaching of the master composers is of great value. So let us continue this inheritance, come be a part of my studio, and let us make wonderful music at the piano, for ourselves and for posterity.​​

​Gabriel Fauré​

Nadia Boulanger

​Robert Brownlee

​Vasily Safonov

​Stephen Heller

Frederic Chopin

  Mary Elizabeth Land

​Ludwig van Beethoven